Check your scenarios to make sure you have the latest versions!
(version date should appear in startup credit screen)

If you installed (CIVwar) BEFORE 12-25-2005, you must re-install before proceeding!!
DOWNLOAD Unzip into the main CWG2 directory.
**AND, each and every other version installed before 3-31-05 should also be re-installed**

Go to download page

* ************************************************ *

Computer AI cannot always play certain scenarios!   Replace any scenario which does not indicate AI capability in battle description with an updated scenario.

Required patch for NAPwar (Napoleon version) 3-05-2006:
DOWNLOAD After installation, startup screen should read "revised 3-05-2006"   Unzip into the main CWG2 directory.

Required patch for Windows 98 users:
DOWNLOAD Unzip into the main CWG2 directory. (Re-installing patch may be necessary after adding each additional enhanced versions)

Patch ( 2-5-2006) prevents retreat of Mortar unit after combat:
DOWNLOAD Unzip into the main CWG2 directory.

patch if you downloaded/installed BEFORE 12-25-2005

This following download can be used as a patch for setting up a Civil War version (ORIGwar) which can only play scenarios with the original Sierra units & weapons (no enhanced). For technical reasons, it also will also modify the enhanced version (CIVwar) so that it no longer can play games using the original Sierra units. However, more units just like the original ones were added to the enhanced version so that it can make and play new scenarios identical to, but not compatible with, the older units and weapons.

DOWNLOAD (about 6 mb)

<>After downloading:
Unzip files into the main CWG2 directory (same folder which has application file CWG2.exe).

Go to download page for further instructions, if needed.

Go to download page

download & unzip new test scenario into your SCENARIO folder

**************************************************************** *

official 1998 patch to upgrade CWG2 to ver 1.04 (about 1.9 mb)


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