(10-18-2007) ROME WAR being revised!

 Check back for updated version in a few weeks.

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Installing the ROME War files will enable you to play CWG2 ROMEwar with:

(1) new weapons and units (look for more info in new "Library" folder)

(2) new graphics for units and terrain


After downloading and unzipping to CWG2 directory: (1) create a shortcut to the ROMEwar file and paste it to your desktop. (2) You can change the icon's appearance by right clicking it and browsing back to the new ROMEwar helmet icon in your CWG2 directory.

You will be able to switch back and forth between versions by clicking the appropriate CIVwar, ROMEwar, etc. icon on your desktop. Clicking the original CWG2 icon will start the game in whatever version was last set up to play.

Go to download page

You must install WEBrome.zip above before you can play ROMEwar scenarios.

SCENARIOS for ROME War (to be downloaded and unzipped to your SCENARIO folder):

romes3.zip updated versions of 3 scenarios included with original ROMEwar download.

trebia1.zip Battle of Trebia 218 BC

trebia2.zip Battle of Trebia 218 BC alt1.

carth01.zip Battle near Carthage 255 BC