DO NOT DOWNLOAD the Napoleon War files on this page unless you have first downloaded and installed and

Go to download page       Current NAPwar version is "03-05-2006"


Installing the Napoleon War files will enable you to play CWG2 NAPwar with:

(1) new weapons and units

(2) new graphics for units and terrain


After downloading and unzipping to CWG2 directory: (1) create a shortcut to the NAPwar file and paste it to your desktop. (2) You can change the icon's appearance by right clicking it and browsing back to the new NAPwar Napoleon-on-horse icon in your CWG2 directory.

You will be able to switch back and forth between versions by clicking the appropriate CIVwar, NAPwar, etc. icon on your desktop. Clicking the original CWG2 icon will start the game in whatever version was last set up to play.

Go to download page

You must install above before you can play NAPwar scenarios.

Install patch for 3-05-2006 updates if you installed NAPwar before then! Go to patches page

SCENARIOS for Napoleon War (to be downloaded and unzipped to your SCENARIO folder)

Computer AI cannot always play certain scenarios! nap Talaver1  (human opponents only) nap Talavera2  (AI plays both sides) nap Talavera3  (AI plays both sides) nap Busaco  (AI plays both sides) nap Busaco5 (AI plays both sides) nap Borodino2  (human opponents only) nap Borodino3  (AI plays both sides) nap Aspern-Essling (AI plays both sides) nap Aspern-Essling II (AI plays French side only) nap Wagram2 (AI plays both sides) nap Austerlitz (AI plays French side only) nap Austerlitz (AI plays both sides) nap Eylau (AI plays both sides) nap Waterloo Campaign 1 (AI plays both sides) nap Waterloo Campaign 2 (AI plays both sides)

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