Downloads on this page are for administrative use by the Civil War CWG2 group.

This download is not a playable game in and of itself. It is a tool for tracking movement in a group gaming & Civil War strategy session. Read the txt file included in Library folder. (243 kb) (revised 10-04-04)


This following download can be used as a  patch for setting up a Civil War version (ORIGwar) which can only play scenarios with the original Sierra units & weapons (no enhanced). For technical reasons, it also will also modify the enhanced version (CIVwar) so that it no longer can play games using the original Sierra units. However, more units just like the original ones were added to the enhanced version so that it can make and play new scenarios identical to, but not compatible with, the older units and weapons.

DOWNLOAD (about 6 mb)

<>After downloading:
 Unzip files into the main CWG2 directory (same folder which has application file CWG2.exe).

Also, download & unzip new test scenario into SCENARIO folder DOWNLOAD

Go to download page for further instructions, if needed.    

Go to download page


PLAY at KALI instructions (12-17-2005):

1) make BACKUP copy of your CURRENT ORIGINAL CWG2
directory. USE a different name for the BACKUP
2) As per install instructions at this website:
download and unzip (extract) install enhancement
files to ORIGINAL CWG2 directory currently used with

3) sign in to KALI
4) both opponents should run same enhanced setup
(either CIVwar, NAPwar, MEXwar, SYWwar, ROMEwar, or
5) both opponents should then EXIT CWG2

6) host opponent should click KALI R.E.LEE icon and
CWG2 should start in the appropriate version and be
able to host IPX
7) 2nd opponent should click R.E.LEE icon and join IPX
8) select appropriate scenario for current version
setup and play