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<>This site offers free upgrades of Civil War Generals 2(CWG2)(rev1.04).

<>Play Napoleonic, ROMAN, etc. with new units & graphics.

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The basic Civil War upgrade ( enables you to add on the other versions, and create new Civil War CWG2 scenarios:

(i) continue to play the traditional Civil War version of CWG2 using your old scenarios,
ORIGwar version.
an option to have additional supply wagon units and Rebel frigates for new scenarios,
 CIVwar version.
(iii) a tournament version of Civil War CWG2 with equal weapons for both sides. is REQUIRED for all CWG2 upgrades- ( must be downloaded to your CWG2 directory and installed first before any other add on versions can be properly installed)

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MORE VERSIONS: After installation of the above is complete, you may click the links on the left to go to the Mexican War, Napoleon, ROME, and Seven Years War pages to download and install those. All versions include a no cd at startup patch (credit0.lmb)

Below: my desktop showing the icons to easily switch between setups and play all versions.


Make sure you have the latest revisions!   (10-18-2007 More revisions are coming soon!).

Computer AI cannot  play every scenario due to program limitations!

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